now you can paint your own pottery anytime at home where ever you live!

Simply order pottery, colors, and painting tools online and we'll deliver everything directly to your doorstep.

Then, paint your pottery at your leisure and return it for kiln firing resulting in a
professional-quality and food-safe work of functional ceramic art... designed by you!

How it Works

Shop our online store to select the pottery you would like to paint (called bisque), your colored paints (called glazes), and any other painting accessories you need (including brushes, sponges, and palettes).

While shopping online simply click on the buttons to add items to your shopping cart and click on the button to view your cart and securely checkout.

We have a great selection of high-quality, functional, decorative, and fun pottery, and so many beautiful colors to select from to create your personal pottery masterpiece. If there is a particular pottery piece you are interested in, but do not see in our catalog, please e-mail us and we will special order your request!

Secure and easy online shopping.

We'll ship your pottery out to you right away so you may begin the fun part as soon as possible! We'll also send you a "pyop at Home info packet", which includes painting guidelines, great tips and tricks for easy and fun painting techniques, and other information to help make your painting exerience relaxing and fun for the entire family!

As soon as you receive your pyop package at your doorstep, carefully unwrap the contents and start painting your pottery at home!

You don't have to be an artist, you just have to have a life!

Our "pyop @ home" Painting Policy
In order to ensure that our kiln firing process will work with your painted pottery and not contaminate other customer's pottery, you must use the food-safe glazes available directly from our studio. We will not fire "pyop At Home" pottery that has been painted with other glazes or other types of paints.

Once you have finished painting your pottery, place it in a dry space overnight to allow the colored glazes to completely air dry. Then, carefully re-pack your pottery using the same box and packing materials and send it back to our studio. Be sure to include the "pyop ID Card" provided with your package so that we may identify the items upon return to our studio. Affix the included return label provided in your original shipment so that your package may return to our studio at no additional cost to you.

Drop the box off at your nearest shipping location to return your painted pottery to our studio for kiln firing.

Now, this really is the easy part, because we do it for you!

As soon as we have received your painted pottery we'll coat each piece with our high-quality finishing "clear glaze" and fire your pottery in our kiln. This special food-safe sealing glaze and kiln firing will give your finished pottery a high-quality, smooth, glassy texture, and your colored glazes will brighten into their beautiful colors.

As soon as your pottery emerges from our kiln, we'll ship it all back to you so you may enjoy your personal pottery masterpieces for many years to come!

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