now you can paint your own pottery anytime at home where ever you live!


It's easy to paint your own pottery at home! Simply begin shopping in our secure, online catalog to order everything you need to get started, and our pricing is simple and reasonable...

  • THE POTTERY :: All of our high-quality pottery items are individually priced and include all of our additional services...

    Our pottery prices
    include the finishing process of coating your pottery with our sealing "clear glaze", the kiln firing process, secure packaging for deliveries direct to your doorstep, as well as all shipping costs for the initial delivery and return delivery of your fired pottery! (on orders over $25) (See below for additional information on shipping as well as our Shipping Information page.)
  • THE BEAUTIFUL COLORS :: Our huge variety of colored glazes are available in sealable 13/16 oz. jars priced at only $1.95 each. And one jar can go a long way.
  • PAINTING TOOLS & ACCESSORIES :: Our catalog incldues paint brushes, cleaning and decorating sponges, masking tape, and other great tools to help you design and paint your masterpiece. We also have "starter" packs designed for both kids and adults that offer perfect painting kits to make sure you have everything you need.
  • SAFE & SECURE PACKING & SHIPPING :: Packing pottery for shipping takes some care! We make sure all of your pottery is packed extremely well and will be safe during its travels to your doorstep through FedEx Ground. We also give you enough packing materials and packing tips to easily prepare your return shippment to our studio for kiln firing. So, no worries... your uniquely painted pottery will be safe!

    FREE SHIPPING!! on all Orders over $25 Dynamic Patterns pyop @ home does not charge extra for
    the packing materials and three FedEx Ground shipments for all orders of $25 or more. For orders less than $25, a nominal shipping and packing charge of $15 is applied to your order. $100 insurance is automatically included in this price.

    This great pricing option means that you will not have to pay any additional shipping & handling costs ... the pricing you see in our online catalog is exactly what you pay. It is important, however, that you carefully re-use the same packing material provided for you during the initial shipment of pottery and supplies when you are ready to return your painted pottery to our studio for kiln firing. We cannot be responsible for damaged pottery during the return shipment due to inadequate packing. We will guarantee the safety of your pottery during its initial and final deliveries to you!
  • Sales Tax is applied to all orders purchased online and shipped within the State of Illinois.

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