now you can paint your own pottery anytime at home where ever you live!


All packing and shipping costs are on us
on all orders of $25 or more!

Great care and attention must be given to safely ship your precious pottery from our studio to your home. Pottery can break all too easily, so Dynamic Patterns offers professional packing & shipping for all of our pottery items.

  • How much does packing & shipping cost?
    In order to keep your total shipping costs at a minimum (and by minimum we mean ZERO!), all of the prices in our online catalog
    include the packing and shipping charges for all of the following at no additional cost to you for any order totalling $25 or more...
    1. The packing material (there's a lot of it!) and boxing required to keep your pottery safe and sound during its travels to your doorstep,
    2. the FedEx Ground shipment to initially deliver your pottery and supplies, plus
    3. the second FedEx Ground shipment for you to return you painted pottery to our stduio, plus
    4. the third and final FedEx Ground shipment to return your kiln fired pottery.

      To make sure you have no additional shipping charges and to ensure the safe return travels of your painted pottery to our studio, be sure to carefully re-use the same packing material provided in your first shipment! We will guarantee the safety of your pottery delivered from our studio to you, but we cannot guarantee your return shipment due to inadequate packing (don't worry, it's very easy to re-pack your pottery as long as you use the same materials!)

      Any order placed that totals less than $25, a nominal shipping charge of $15 will be applied at checkout.
  • How long will does it take for to receive the initial delivery of pottery, paint, and tools?
    As soon as we receive your online order, we will carefully pack your selected pottery, colored glazes, and painting tools and accessories right away. We will have your package sent out via FedEx Ground within two (2) business days or sooner. If we do not have enough inventory at the moment to complete your order right away, we will be receiving more very soon and will keep you informed of any unexpected delays.

    We ship all of our packages using FedEx Ground, which is an economical and secure method of transporting your precious pottery. The delivery time for FedEx Ground ranges from 1-5 business days, depending on where you live within the United States relative to our studio location. The map below provides a general estimation of your delivery time once we have your order shipped:
Our studio is located in Springfield, Illinois 62704

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