Sci+Tech editing
Sci+Tech editing
You need to communicate your research to the world. We'll help you make it lucid.

We offer scientific and technical content editing specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer science, data science, and physics along with technical and academic blog articles.

We also edit CVs/resumes and cover letters to enhance your professional aspirations.

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Matthew T. Dearing, Editor Matthew T. Dearing, Editor

Matthew T. Dearing

With years of editing and writing experience in science and technology, including peer-reviewed published papers, dissertations, and technical manuals and blogs, Matthew will connect with your research to bring it the clarity of communication you need.

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Member, Editorial Freelance Association


As an editor, Matthew is a key collaborator in your scientific research by helping you develop a thorough communication about your work that is clear, complete, and efficient. Matthew’s many years of expertise in scientific communication will guide you to increase the impact of your research.

Matthew enjoys working with clients from around the world because there is so much awesome science happening today in every hemisphere. Our knowledge of how things work and the discovery of new ideas and techniques continue to increase exponentially. All this great science and technology is worthless unless it is communicated effectively.


Substantive editing to correct grammar, punctuation, and verb tense as well as restructure sentences and recommend alternate word choices to enhance clarity, readability, and efficiency of your technical document through minimizing repeated and unnecessary words and phrases.

Technical understanding

With degrees in physics and computer science as well as having published in peer-reviewed technical journals, Matthew offers subject matter expertise that will support the impactful communication of your research.


Matthew consistenly earns top satisfaction ratings and repeat clients through partnering with hundreds of authors from around the world since 2015.


Your document will be edited with focus and a drive to provide the best possible improvements. If you are not entirely satisfied with your edit and cite reasonable justification, then you will be eligible for a re-edit or full or partial refund.

Editing for science & technology

Your research must be communicated clearly and efficiently. Sharing knowledge effectively drives our species forward.

Our expertise editing will bring to your results the logic, understanding, and clarity it needs.

Matthew edited my journal paper in artificial intelligence for robotics, and his work was so good I asked him to edit my Ph.D. dissertation.

I have more than ten published papers and patents in computer engineering, and it is always challenging to find a technical editor for my work. In my experience, several skills set Matthew apart from the other proofreaders that I've worked with. What stands out to me the most is his ability to understand the technical and mathematical flow of the work, and recommend edits that resonate with the subject in general.

He has a background that enables him to edit my technical work in computer science and engineering. For example, Matthew pointed out several errors I had in equations and their references in the text and warned me about the wrong caption for a figure in my analysis chapter.

Furthermore, he possesses a wealth of vocabulary that substantially improved my sentence structure and writing. This is particularly important when writing to publish in a journal with a high impact factor because it gives the reviewers a sense of professional writing, which improves the chances of a paper getting accepted. For example, I used the term "holy grail" to describe unsupervised learning in artificial intelligence, but Matthew recommended alternative ways to describe what I wanted to say and explained why the term that I used was not a fit for my sentence. This approach of discussing my errors and writing weaknesses is very helpful for future writings.

Matthew is a professional technical editor who pays special attention to details, and I strongly recommend using his editing and proofreading services.
— Ali A. D.

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Your resume. Made to work.

Need to land a job? It all starts with a clear story about you. Your resume should not be overly-fancy or distracting. Hiring managers need to skim your background efficiently.

Our edits will enhance the clarity and effectiveness of your professional presentation... and get you hired.

Matthew offered exemplary suggestions for my CV and application materials that were tailored to my specific needs.

Rather than making surface-level edits, he engaged me with questions and comments that allowed my voice and perspective to shine. As a result, my professional materials were elevated and directed to the particular position to which I was applying.

In a competitive job-market, I knew that my work would stand out from the others due to Matthew's suggestions. I recommend him highly to others, and I absolutely will seek out his support in the future.
— Angela L.

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Choose your editing package.

  • CV/Resume & Cover Letter
  • format for layout consistency
  • proofread for verb tense, punctuation, and language consistency
  • recommend ways to increase confidence of presentation
  • tracked changes for your review
  • $ 20

    per 1,000 words
  • Sci+Tech Content Edit
  • copyedit for spelling, grammar, usage, punctuation, and review of citation formatting
  • consistency review of writing style, language use, word choice
  • substantive editing for clarity, structure, content recommendations, and potential rewriting and reorganizing of text
  • feedback and a second-pass edit
  • tracked changes for your review
  • $ 30

    per 1,000 words
  • Technical Blog Edit
  • copyedit for spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation
  • consistent writing style and clarity
  • SEO optimization recommendations
  • tracked changes for your review
  • $ 25

    per 1,000 words


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