Welcome Back Neuron News!

Neuron News has taken an obnoxiously long vacation from publishing our reviews and commentaries on current developments in neurotechnologies. This is rather unfortunate because five years to the day on non-postings means an insane amount of missed advances in this exciting and wonderful area of discovery!

We won’t bother you with the reasons for our temporary departure from Neuron News … well, they including moving 900 miles, starting a new business, having our first child, trying to get settled in, then a second baby on the way!! … but, the great news is that we are back and extremely excited to bring our readers, and many new readers, back on track with the latest in neurotechnology!

Please be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Neuron News … we won’t bombard you with annoying newsletters … just a brief update email to let you know of the latest news and links to read more … and we really want to know exactly who is reading. We won’t sell your info, we just want to know that you exist!

Enjoy these Dynamic Patterns!

Matthew T. Dearing, Publisher
Neuron News

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Last updated October 26, 2021