Bionics Research Growing in San Fransisco Area

Neurotechnology companies are increasing in numbers as new inventions and technological developments are growing the burgeoning industry. The greater San Fransisco area is now one of the top regions in the country for the neurotech industry, in addition to Boston and Minneapolis. Check out BayBio for overviews of their 200 member companies just in Northern California.

Current devices include mind-controlled prosthetic limbs (Laurence Orthopedic of Oakland, no website at time of publication), brain implants to block signals that lead to seizures, thought-controlled wheel chairs (Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems of Massachusetts), miniature telescopes to magnify vision in patients with macular degeneration (VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies of Saratoga)… and about 8,000 more products that are being developed for the marketplace.

In fact, there’s so much to talk about, Neuron News is creating a new Topic Category today to cover reviews of new technologies and interviews from people involved in the many emerging neurotech companies. For a first brief overview of some of the latest products, check out this article from The Mercury News…

“Bay Area researchers in search of the real $6 million dollar man” :: The Mercury News :: July 6, 2008 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated October 26, 2021