A Little Research in the Early Morning

The DPRI AmSci Journal does focus on reporting great opportunities to do real research as a citizen scientist. But, we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping your eyes open at any moment for the science discovery that might present itself just to you. It might not be a profound discovery never seen by any other human being, but it might still be intriguing, inspirational, and breathtaking.

In fact, we’re starting a new category called “Inspiring Citizen Science” to present how others experience great personal moments in science discovery–large and small–and how you might be inspired to enjoy exploring as a citizen scientist.

Please read the following post from a woman who has moved out into the wilderness to start a new life, and be inspired by her openness to interact with the world around her…

“Inner Children will be Children” :: Liven’ the Life by Meg Menkedick :: July 21, 2008 :: [ READ BLOG POST ]

If you have a personal science experience that you would like to share with the other readers of the DPRI AmSci Journal, please submit your story to the publisher or post your own Citizen Science Public Journal Report.

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Last updated July 10, 2020