New Plants Discovered by Amateur Scientist

Two new wildflower plant species of the phlox family (more) have been discovered in the Lime Ridge Open Space at the foot of Mt. Diablo in central California. The two species are named Lime Ridge Navarretia (Navarretia gowenii) and Lime Ridge Woollystar (Eriastrum sp. nov.).


The discoverer of the plants is amateur botanist, David Gowen, who is a testament to the reality that we still have much to learn about our world–and we often don’t have to look much further than our back yard.

The media release from the Save Mount Diablo organization is a thorough review of the entire discovery process and is an exciting reminder of what real contributions citizen scientists provide.

“Two New Species Discovered in Lime Ridge Open Space” :: Media Release from Save Mount Diablo :: June 12, 2008 :: [ READ SUMMARY ] :: [ READ THE MEDIA RELEASE ]

Also featured by the Society of Amateur Scientists

“Amateur Scientist David Gowen Discovers Two New Plant Species” :: SAS The Citizen Scientist Newsletter :: July 4, 208 :: [ READ ]

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