DPR Review: The Singularity

Last month, Neuron News published a journal entry (read) discussing the probabilistic near-future event of humans developing a technological super-human entity. This so-called Post-human era, if it comes to pass, will have fundamental ramifications to the continued existence of our species.

Because this issue is absolutely central to the ethical considerations of neurotechnology research, Neuron News will be continuously publishing a feature topic on The Singularity. We are also making an open call for contributions from our readers to help develop this important topical review, so please post your ideas, comments, and concerns by clicking on the What do you think? link below, and contact us if you have news, link references, or personal essays on the topic that you would like included in our DPRI Review of The Singularity.

DPR Review: The Singularity [ READ ]

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Last updated October 26, 2021