Dr. Michio Kaku Presents a little Neurotechnology

The popular Dr. Michio Kaku presents a documentary exploration of the current advancements of neurotechnology featuring recent research on successes in direct neural implants into the brains of mice.

He also take a moment to ask how far will we go with neurotechnological implants before we become… more (or less?) human. With interviews with Ray KurzweilProf. Rodney BrooksDr. John GranackiProf. Marvin MinskyProf. Susan Greenfield, this is a great 7 minute watch of several important views in neurophilosophy and the coming impact of neurotechnological developments… and the resulting neurorevolution.

Dr. Kaku blatantly reminds us that we must begin address the issues of neurotechnology today, because it will lead to a Brave New World that we cannot yet even imagine.

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Last updated October 26, 2021