Preparing to Witness a New Consciousness Soon

Neuron News has been on a bit of break since mid-September, and we will be trying to roll out more activity in the near future as best as possible. This break was initially due to a brief return to the theater with a role in a local production of Glenngary Glenn Ross by David Mamet at the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, Illinois.

Now, our family is getting very close to welcoming in our latest addition, Andrew, who will be due anytime from now until early December. So, we are quite busy taking care of the “nest” and making sure Mommy is taken care of as best as possible.

One rather interesting experience I enjoyed with our first child, Elizabeth, was watching her brain develop from the first cry in the hospital room to my first observation of an inkling of a consciousness. This observation was certainly un-scientific, but there was just something… something noticeable in the way her eyes became a little more focused; there was something behind those eyes that didn’t seem to be there yesterday.

I hope to document these observations with Andrew–which I’m sure will be quite subjective–with his development from little living blob of cells to something more; something with a brain that has developed beyond simply pumping blood and expanding and contracting lungs. I do believe that a baby is born without a sophisticated “consciousness,” whatever that might really mean as we still have no scientific understanding of our notion of sentient beings. But, there is a transition. A transition from non-thinking to thinking; from basic biological mechanics to … something more.

It is a profound and amazing process, and I can’t wait to witness this transition once again.

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Last updated July 10, 2020