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Developing from an attempt of the NIH to help interconnect the information transfer between the multitude of government agencies supporting neuroscience research, a new online database collaboration began in 2005. The result is currently in the form of the newNeuroscience Information Framework as a publicly-accessible database of neuroscience-related information that is searchable from its online interface.

The database is not intended at this time to store the information, but rather be a searchable portal for users to look for information that is currently presented throughout the Internet.

Although this portal is still under development, it should prove to be a useful resource for efficiently disseminating critical neuroscience information to support the progress of research developments around the world… as well as help spur the interests and excitement of those on the edges of the professional research world (like the author here at Neuron News!).

Try out the database, discover something exciting, and let us know what you think…

The Neuroscience Information Framework from the NIH :: Access the NIF Database

“The Neuroscience Information Framework: A Data and Knowledge Environment for Neuroscience” :: Neuroinformatics Vol. 6, No. 3 September 2008 :: [ READ ]

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Last updated September 20, 2020