A little Citizen Science while on Vacation in the Tropics

If you are fortunate enough to take a trip to spend time swimming with the reefs, then you will surely experience one of the most impressive displays available from our natural world. The coral reefs are certainly a primary focus of conservation right now as pollution and disrespectful visitors are reeking havoc on this ocean wonder.

However, as a tourist you should not be shy and stay away from this experience in the name of conservation. In fact, it is your first-hand respect and attention that will help save the reefs from further destruction.

Read more about what sort of respectful caution you should consider while visiting a reef, and even consider getting involved with an important citizen science effort, the Reef Environmental Education Foundation’s Volunteer Survey Project.

“How the Vacation-Bound Can Limit Damage to Coral Reefs” :: The Washington Post :: August 13, 2009 :: [ READ MORE]

The REEF Volunteer Survey Project

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Last updated November 23, 2020