From here to infinity, Mothers create the most amazing things in the Universe.

The HUDF includes galaxies of various ages, sizes, shapes, and colors. The smallest, reddest galaxies, are some of the most distant galaxies to have been imaged by an optical telescope, existing at the time shortly after the Big Bang.

The Hubble Ultra Deep field image, taken in 2003, is considered to be the most amazing image ever created by human beings. A direct view of the Universe 13 billion years ago, it contains over 10,000 galaxies, each of which can contain 100 billion stars, or even more.

The enormity of what this image represents is so awesome and so amazing, it’s really impossible for any one human being to comprehend not only its meaning, but that it can actually be.

And, although this image represents something so spectacular, there is still another image closer to home that is infinitely more special to me, as a husband and father. This might be because it is actually possible to comprehend its meaning, it is possible to understand that it is real, and it is felt deep within my heart that it is the most important and wonderful thing that exists in the Universe.

My two children, now five and two years old, are amazing, and it is simply incredible that they exist. There is almost nothing more exciting and wonderful than the fact that these two children were created and will grow up to be fabulous human beings.

My sense of wonder and awe is amplified because of my many previous experiences with wonder and awe while I’ve spent many years of my life learning about how the Universe works, experimenting in that Universe, and trying to express these exciting understandings to others. As a citizen scientist who thoroughly enjoys a continuous advancement of ones own appreciation and understanding of Nature, it is all that more satisfying to be able to share this appreciation with ones own children.


Sister and Brother, the Princess and Prince.

But, what is even more amazing than my children is that my wife, Michelle, created them. What she went through to nurture these babies and bring them both into the world was absolutely insane. And, this is what makes her so incredible. This is what makes all mothers quite incredible. I think that my wife is so amazing for having created our children and this is one reason why I love her more than anything else. It really was an outstanding feat, and only she could have done it: no one else in this infinite Universe could have created exactly our children. They would never have come to be without my wife, and their entire lives and our lives together as a family could have never existed with her.


There is no other image ever created in all of human history that is more important to me than an image of our children. And, my wife is the one who made that all possible. No one else could have done this amazing thing for me, and that makes her such an absolutely incredible person.

With much love on Mother’s Day.
Matthew T. Dearing

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Last updated October 26, 2021