12 Deep Learning Researchers and Leaders (KDnuggets)

Top 12 Deep Learning Leaders to follow

Are you interested in getting a taste of what this hype on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning that you hear in the media is all about? With hundreds of new scientific publications coming out every month, it’s tricky to stay on top of the advancements.

One way is to follow some of the top influencers and leaders in the field so that you can always have a glimpse of what is coming next through their social media lenses.

My latest article now available on KDnuggets is a current top list for deep learning researchers and industry leaders who you should follow to stay current with this wildly expanding field in Artificial Intelligence.

It’s exciting to see such a diverse group of individuals from early practitioners and established academics to entrepreneurs and today’s top corporate influencers who are leading the way into tomorrow’s deep learning landscape.

So, who should you follow? Check out my list featuring some of the most important people in the field — who also happen to like to tweet… a lot.

12 Deep Learning Researchers and Leaders


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Last updated August 7, 2022