About Dynamic Patterns Research

About DPR

Dynamic Patterns Research (DPR) is an independent citizen science and amateur research laboratory and web curator. DPR focuses on supporting and promoting the citizen scientist… or, anyone who is interested in exploring their creativity in science and discovering more about the world in which we live and thrive. Our goal is to not just encourage learning about science through our informal science educational resources, but we want to support you to actually do science to increase your personal appreciation and respect for our universe.

We offer curated resources to valuable and educational references as well as current opportunities available to anyone to do real science from bird watching to astrophysics. In particular, we publish the DPR AmSci Journal, discussing current developments and opportunities in amateur research, activities of real citizen scientists, informal education issues and opportunities, as well as Neuron News, a realistic commentary news log on the insanely exciting developments in neurotechnologies.

We also have on-going and long-term projects we are working on…

  • We are developing online resources for informal science education geared toward a broad audience to learn the fundamentals of physics and mathematics supporting a greater appreciation of the world in which we live as well as increasing a mental foundation to enhance citizen science activities.
  • We develop and perform independent research programs, primarily utilizing sophisticated modeling software including NetLogo and SciLab. We look toward Innocentive and United States Government research solicitation offerings for discovering opportunities where real research needs exist.

If you are interested in helping with the developments underway, please contact us today.


Last updated August 7, 2022