dpr Launches New App: MyHealthy.Today

Dynamic Patterns Research is excited to announce the official launch of a new app, MyHealthy.Today

There are a lot of things to remember to stay healthy. Your health goals can become doable if you break them down into a process of manageable tasks and routines. Our new app is designed to help you keep track of all the healthy activities that fit your needs. You can create customizable daily tasks that are just right for you and your health goals, and the app will keep you focused and monitor your performance. 

We have tinkered with web-based applications for several years and MyHealthy.Today is the first to make it to a public version 1.0 launch. The app is optimized for mobile and will work on any desktop, tablet or device through the web browser. By the end of April 2018, we will provide a major update for version 2.0 to include integration with Amazon Alexa. Future enhancements will offer Android and iOS versions.

Where’s the science in a healthy routine?

Why would Dynamic Patterns Research design a health app? A focus on healthy living is a goal toward which our family has an expanding commitment. Also, from one of the broader topics covered by dpr, healthy living must be a key target for any individual interested in their long-term existence and the future of humanity. 

Hypotheses abound for how humans may evolve, when the singularity will arrive, how we might integrate with technology, and how long we can survive in the future, if not forever. While there is evidence that some, if not all, of these futuristic considerations may be approaching rapidly, they are all in the future. If anyone living today wants to experience revolutions in human-computer interfaces and how our lives can be enhanced and extended with better tools and innovations, we need to still be around when the future arrives. This future may happen next year, next decade or next century, and if we want to ride the wave, then we better stay healthy and alive as long as possible.

So, go check out MyHealthy.Today today and sign up for a free account. Since we are still in the early stages of our v1.0 launch, please send us feedback to report bugs, unexpected behavior, and your ideas for how we can improve the app to make it easier to maintain your healthy lifestyle today… and maybe forever!