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Financial Support for the Neurotech Industry–no bailout needed, yet

The Neurotechnology marketplace is a fledgling industry and it must remain exciting with many potentials to continue to encourage new brave entrepreneurs to enter in the field in the coming decade. However, our current global economic hiccup is certainly hard on everyone, and cash flow for neurotech companies is a serious issue.

The equally young Neurotechnology Industry Organization is a great start to bringing additional lobbying support for the market, but hitting challenging times early on in the industry’s development will likely slow down advancements in the coming years. Neuron News keeps a very close eye on the NERV NASDAQ NeuroInsights Neurotech Index (see the financial chart presented below), the following article gives us a brief look–from a pure stock investor’s perspective–of the growing concerns for the sector and how the industry is coping.

“Can neurotech deliver on its growth promise?” :: BloggingStocks :: November 12, 2008 :: [READ ]

MIT Focuses on the Neurotech Industry

Thanks to the tip from Zack Lynch that a new program from the MIT Sloan School of Management is researching the neurotechnology industry by trying to understand why innovations and business are successful in the field.

Lead by Assistant Professor Jason Davis, the work will be taking a close look at case histories of existing business models. The broader goal is to better understand how emerging technologies develop in certain organizational business structures and environments. It’s not clear how results will be released in the future, but this work could possibly lead to a valuable guide for future neurotech entrepreneurs to develop business models that will most likely succeed in the nascent industry.

MIT’s NeuroTechnology Innovation Project :: [ VISIT ]

Neurotechnology Market Review Report 2008-2012

This past December, Research & published a 230-page detailed analysis of the neurotechnology market covering the next four years of expected activity and performance. The full report is accessible only with a purchase, but an introductory summary is available on line and is worth a read.

In particular, the report projects a worldwide market of $3.6 billion in 2008, which will grow to $8.8 billion by 2012. This market reach is focused over segments of neural prostheses,neuromodulationneurorehabilitation, and neurosensing.

There’s nothing like a little money in a free market to help drive and expedite the advance of new technologies… so, get ready for some rather exciting news in neurotechnological developments in the next decade.

The report also covers a detailed review of the following neurotech companies, which Neuron News will certainly be tracking in the near future with our latest addition of our Neurotech Companies category…

St. Jude Medical
Boston Scientific
Cardinal Health
Cochlear Ltd.
Northstar Neuroscience
Victhom Human Bionics

“New Detailed Report on the Neurotechnology Market for 2008-2012” :: :: July 16, 2008 :: [ READ ]

“The Market for Neurotechnology: 2008-2012” from Research and Markets

Neuron News Likes Music, too

This posting is certainly a diversion from our typical reviews, but this author is always listing to music (mostly jazz) in the background while reading and writing about neurotechnology. So, in a small way, music is a critical element to Neuron News… and music most definitely has interesting and intimate interactions with ones’ brain activity (read more).

A British recording label call Neuroscience Recordings is a young label producing electronica / trance music. Although jazz is our favorite background, sometimes when it’s extraordinarily late and we’re trying to push on with work, a strong trance-like beat is a perfect combination for a late night quite office and hyper-productivity.

So, pull out your favorite neuroscience textbook or Neuron News blog posting, pump through some new tracks from Neuroscience Recordings and let your brain groove all night.

This little musical discovery is also thanks to Vaughan from MindHacks.

Bionics Research Growing in San Fransisco Area

Neurotechnology companies are increasing in numbers as new inventions and technological developments are growing the burgeoning industry. The greater San Fransisco area is now one of the top regions in the country for the neurotech industry, in addition to Boston and Minneapolis. Check out BayBio for overviews of their 200 member companies just in Northern California.

Current devices include mind-controlled prosthetic limbs (Laurence Orthopedic of Oakland, no website at time of publication), brain implants to block signals that lead to seizures, thought-controlled wheel chairs (Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems of Massachusetts), miniature telescopes to magnify vision in patients with macular degeneration (VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies of Saratoga)… and about 8,000 more products that are being developed for the marketplace.

In fact, there’s so much to talk about, Neuron News is creating a new Topic Category today to cover reviews of new technologies and interviews from people involved in the many emerging neurotech companies. For a first brief overview of some of the latest products, check out this article from The Mercury News…

“Bay Area researchers in search of the real $6 million dollar man” :: The Mercury News :: July 6, 2008 :: [ READ ]

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