The Singularity

The Singularity

Within the next couple of decades, it is predicted that human beings will create an evolutionary innovation never before seen on this planet. The resulting form of intelligence will greatly surpass that of its creator, and will be capable of evolving itself–without further human intervention–to an unforeseeable limit.

This event will be the result of the exponential growth of computing power that humanity is currently developing, and may create a machine intelligence that is beyond human, yet on its own, will be sustainable and evolvable. This will be the beginning of the Post-human Era.

Here, Dynamic Patterns Research presents a review of the current predictions and developments that are leading us toward this Singularity event. Borrowing the term from astrophysics, the Singularity of Artificial Intelligence relates to a technological development that may then continue to develop on its own, and we as a scientific society would not be in control nor be able to predict where the technology will lead itself.

Both exciting and frightening, the AI Singularity is a highly-probable achievement. Many contemporary scientists and futurists are dedicated to this field, not only to guide its development, but to also better understand the consequences and to possibly guide the time line after the event.

  • “The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era” by Vernor Vinge (retired) Department of Mathematical Sciences, San Diego State University (1993) [ READ ] (republished on DPR with permission)
  • IEEE Spectrum Special Report: The Singularity [ VISIT ]
  • Wikipedia Article on the Technological Singularity [ VISIT ]
  • On Singularity – a user-submitted news and discussion portal for the Singularity community [ VISIT ]
  • Blogging the Singularity – a journal about “our Ascent Toward the Technological Singularity, Transhumanism, and the Cybernetic Beyond…” [ VISIT ]


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