Since 2015, Matthew Dearing has offered proofreading and editing services for scientific and technical documents as well as resume and cover letter review and editing through partnerships with Cambridge Proofreading and Editing, LLC, Cactus Communications, and Enago. Matthew specializes in editing scientific work on machine learning and artificial intelligence, computer science, and physics along with technical and academic documents related to business.

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Having helped hundreds of clients around the world with top satisfaction ratings, Matthew’s editorial approach is direct and honest. Matthew will correct grammar, punctuation, and verb tense as well as restructure sentences and recommend alternate word choices to enhance clarity, readability, and efficiency of your technical document through minimizing repeated and unnecessary words and phrases.

Matthew enjoys working with clients from around the world because there is so much awesome science happening today in every hemisphere. Our knowledge of how things work and the discovery of new ideas and techniques continue to increase exponentially. All this great science and technology is worthless unless it is communicated effectively.

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As an editor, Matthew is a key collaborator in your scientific work by helping you develop a thorough communication about your research that is clear, complete, and efficient. Matthew’s expertise in scientific communication will help increase the impact of your research.

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Matthew T. Dearing
Editor & Principal, Dynamic Patterns Research


Last updated August 7, 2022