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How to Tie Important Knots

Knots are valuable tools for many scenarios from fishing, sailing, and lumberjacking to everyday at-home projects and tieing your shoes each morning before school. 

As a Cub Scout, you (adult partners and the Scouts!) learn a core set of knots to earn your advancements. These knots are so valuable that mastering just a few will undoubtedly come in handy or save you in a sticky situation at some point in your life!

To get started, check out our Knot Guide used at the November 2018 Pack meeting to practice your knots at home. Knots are groups by Dens to learn for your ranks. Remember, these knots can be tricky at first, so they require practicepracticepractice before you can memorize how they go and tie them quickly and efficiently. 

Knot Guide - all Dens

Download the Knot Guide – all Dens

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