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Pack Handbook

About Pack 99

Cub Scouting is the foundation to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) organization. Designed for boys and girls in Kindergarten through fifth grades, the Cub Scout program involves the entire family to experience, plan, and deliver activities.

Cub Scouting is affirmative and focused on fun and adventure with currently 1.3 million Cub Scouts and 395,000 adult volunteers in the United States.

Cub Scouts are structured into a small group called a Pack, which is chartered by a local organization. With tens of thousands of Cub Scout Packs across the country, each one has dedicated leaders and volunteers who teach Cub Scouts both fun and valuable lessons to help them progress in the Scouting program and in life.

What makes Cub Scouts truly unique is the opportunity it offers the entire family to be involved in each child’s development. From volunteering with the Pack to leading activities at home, parents and guardians, called adult partners, can take full advantage of the extra time they will have to participate in their Cub Scout’s life.

Scouts progress through a series of ranks, learning new skills as they go. Each of the ranks and awards in Scouting has its own requirements. As Scouts get older and advance, the requirements become more challenging to match newfound skills and abilities.

Each Scout progresses at their own pace as they meet each challenge. Rank advancement is one method used by Scout leaders to help the boys and girls fulfill the aims of Scouting: character development, citizenship training, and mental and physical fitness.

Cub Scout Pack 99 is part of the Chippewa District within the Three Fires Council. We are charted through Ellsworth Home & School at Ellsworth Elementary in Naperville, Illinois. The Scouts in the Pack are grouped by school year into a Den from the Lion Den for Kindergarten, Tiger Den for the first grade, Wolf Den for the second, Bear Den for third, and Webelos for the fourth and fifth grades. Girls and boys form into separate Dens for each grade level and all come together to meet as a Pack.

Interested in Joining our Pack?

Our Pack focuses on the Scouts having fun while teaching skills that will help them build their own adventures in the future. Special awards, patches, and den projects encourage the Scouts to excel – and do their best – through our Scouting activities.

We camp, play team games, design crafts, hike, build race cars, learn about our community, experience STEM, participate in parades, and so much more.

Monthly Meetings

Each Den meets at least once per month and the entire Pack holds an all-Scout meeting each month in the gymnasium at Ellsworth Elementary on one Thursday from 6:45 to 8:00 pm. During our meetings, the Scouts work together toward earning their ranks, learning something new, playing together, and presenting their experiences to the rest of the Pack.

Activities, Fundraising, and Adventures

In January, we host the Pinewood Derby where each Scout designs and builds a wooden race car and competes in heat races with the entire Pack. Our annual Blue and Gold banquet is held in February with camping opportunities in the Fall and Spring. By the end of the school year, your Scout will have completed all required adventures to advance to the next rank along the Scouting path.

Each year we raise funds by selling Trail’s End popcorn, which directly supports our Pack activities. Additional special events and opportunities are hosted throughout the year, which varies depending on the interests of the Scouts and families. 

Dues and Initial Purchases

The cost to join Cub Scouts includes annual dues+insurance to the national BSA of $36 per year plus $16 per year for the Pack. These local dues subsidize all adventure awards and rank patches, which are provided to the Scouts at no additional cost. An optional annual subscription to Scout’s Life magazine is $12.

A new Scout joining at the beginning of the school year in September will pay $12 to cover the national dues+insurance prorated from September through December 2019 with an optional additional $4 subscription to Scout’s Life Magazine. The full annual dues for national and the Pack will be paid by the end of the current calendar year and will cover the upcoming January through December 2020. 

The uniform is an important aspect of developing as a Scout, so this must be purchased soon after joining Cub Scouts. There are many optional elements that may be purchased and the following is an outline of the basic costs (Lion Den through Webelos):

> Cub Scout uniform shirt: $24.99
> Required uniform patches (multiple items): $9.96
> Neckerchief: $9.99
> Neckerchief slide: $5.99
> Rank cap: $14.99/$17.99 (Webelos)
> Scout belt: $9.99
> Webelos colors: $5.99
> Rank Handbook: $16.99/$9.99 (Lion)

Starting with the 2018/2019 year, the Kindergarten-aged boys and girls joining the Lion Den will now feature a full Cub Scout uniform.

Optional items include rank hat, belt, pants, socks, and a red “brag” vest. For more details, please refer to the Cub Scout Uniform Check List 2018 from our local Scout Shop.

Volunteers Build our Adventure Together

Our Pack’s program is supported by many resources available from the BSA, and the local parents and adult partners who volunteer implement this adventure for the Scouts. The expectation for our volunteers is straightforward: Keep it simple. Make it fun. 

We have many opportunities for supporting the Pack, including leadership roles, special activity hosting, fundraising, supporting other volunteers, and just being an integral part of your Scout’s progress. The experience our Scouts have is entirely up to us, so we can make it what we want by doing it together.

If you have particular interests or skills you would like to share with the Pack by contributing your time and resources, then please let us know. We will hook you up in a role that will be a perfect fit! Volunteers who hold a position within the Pack (e.g., committee member or Den leader) must join as an adult member, complete straightforward online training, and pay the annual national dues of $36 per year. The Pack again plans to cover volunteer dues in full for the 2019/2020 year.

Want to Learn More?

One of the great features of the BSA organization is the resources they make available for its Scouting families and leaders. The program has been developing since 1910 and continues to evolve in exciting new ways today.

If you would like to dive deeper into the world of Scouting, check out the Cub Scout Overview and discover the many adventures and advancements your Cub Scout will earn. There are additional great resources at the Cub Hub, Scouting Magazine, and Boy’s Life Magazine.

You may also review the presentation slides from our Introductory Meeting at Ellsworth on September 17, 2019 below, which includes calendar dates set for the 2019/2020 Scouting year.

Ready to Join!

If this all sounds like an exciting adventure for your family, then join the Scouting movement today!

The easiest way to join is to meet us at our School Night for Scouting on September 12, 2019, during the Ellsworth Elementary Ice Cream Social. Our Pack will have a table set up and current Scouts and adult partners will be available to answer your questions and help you complete the application form.

You may also submit your application online, and the Pack will process you in right away.

A Scout may join the Pack at any school age he or she does not have to start during Kindergarten or the first grade. If you are not able to make to the School Night for Scouting or do not apply online, then please let us know and we will get an application to you right away.

Check out our Parent Orientation Guide and the Welcome New Scout Family guide for even more details about Cub Scouting with Pack 99.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our Cubmaster and we will respond right away.

We look forward to you joining Pack 99!

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© 2021 Pack 99 :: Boy Scouts of America
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