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Parent Orientation Guide

A Family Program

Today’s families may be one parent, two parents, grandparents or foster parents. All these families want what is best for their children. The Cub Scout Program is designed to strengthen youth and their families.

How Cub Scouting Works

The Cub Scout program takes place at two levels. Your Scout will be part of a den, which is a small group of youth in the same grade level, who meet each month. All dens, from Kindergarten through 5th grade, make up the pack. Once a month, all dens and their families meet together at the Pack meeting.

Pack Meetings

This meeting, conducted by the Cubmaster, gives the Scouts the opportunity to demonstrate their newly learned skills. They also play games, perform skits, sing songs, and receive recognition for the badges and awards they earned. The Pack meeting is a family affair when the parents and siblings can see the achievements of their Cub Scout.

Your Pack number is 99.


Lion den (Kindergarten)

Lion is a family-oriented program. A youth and parent or caring adult partner join Scouting together. A group of Scouts and their adult partners meet together in a group called a den. Dens will meet at least monthly. They have fun participating in den meetings and outings while making memories together.

Tiger den (Grade 1)

In Tiger Cubs, the Scout and their parent or guardian join the den and attend all meetings and activities together.

The den is made up of Parent-Scout teams. Each den has a Den Leader (one of the parents) who helps coordinate the meetings. The parent-Scout teams take turns hosting the activities and plan the meetings with the Den Leader. The den meets each month for advancement or a “Go See It” activity (the den, as a group, visits a community place of interest) as well as the monthly Pack meeting.

Wolf (Grade 2) and Bear (Grade 3) dens

Parents are vital to Cub Scout dens. Parents help the den leader and support the Cub Scout at home. Scouts are beginning to be more independent. The den consists of youth, a den leader, and assistant den leader (parents of the Scouts), and usually a den chief (a Scout who helps the den leader). They meet monthly at a regularly scheduled time and place and attend monthly Pack meetings with their families.

Webelos Scout den (Grades 4 and 5)

The Webelos den is similar to Wolf and Bear Cub Scout dens. However, more emphasis is placed on the youth taking leadership roles and doing even more outdoor programming. The focus of the program is to prepare youth to move into a Scouts BSA Troop.

How You Can Help

The most important help you can provide your Scout is to work with them on Cub Scouting activities. The rank handbook is full of age-appropriate activities that you will enjoy doing together at home. When the Scout completes an activity or project, it is your responsibility to sign their book to verify they have done their best. It is important for you to attend the monthly Pack meeting to celebrate the Scout’s achievements.

Spending time with your child: The secret of success!
Come join the fun of Cub Scouting as a family. You’ll build new friendships as you work with the other parents in your Scout’s den. Your example as a volunteer instills important values to help your Scout and others grow to be good citizens.

Your role as a parent is the secret to success for the Cub Scouting Program!

The den and Pack rely on parent participation to run a successful program. Cub Scouting operates through volunteer leadership. Consider volunteering as a member of the Pack’s leadership or as a parent helper. Volunteer leaders are an example of Scouting’s principle of service to others. By volunteering in Scouting, you are giving y our Scout the gift of your time. What could be more valuable? You will have an opportunity to be a positive influence on your Scout and Scout’s friend’s lives. Here are some of the ways you could volunteer:

Den Leader | Leads the den meetings. Attends the monthly Pack meeting and committee meeting.

Cubmaster | Helps plan and carry out the Pack program with the assistance of the Pack committee. Presides over the monthly Pack meeting. The Cubmaster attends the monthly committee meeting.

The Pack Committee

Pack committee members perform administrative functions of the Pack.

Committee Chair | Presides over all Pack committee meetings. Helps recruit volunteer leaders and attends the monthly Pack meetings.

Advancement Chair | Maintains advancement records for the Pack. Orders all badges and awards. Attends the monthly Pack meeting and Pack committee meeting.

Secretary/Treasurer | Keeps all records for the Pack, including Pack bank account and financial records. Attends the monthly Pack meeting and Pack committee meeting.

Pack Trainer | Coordinates training for adults. Promotes basic leader training and roundtable meeting attendance. Attends the monthly Pack meeting and committee meeting.

Parent Helpers

Each year, the Pack will undertake several short-term projects. Parents and other volunteers are needed for activities, such as Pack fundraisers (Popcorn Sale), Scouting for Food, Pinewood Derby, Blue and Gold Banquet, Friends of Scouting, Pack Graduation, and Day Camp. These jobs are of short duration and enable all families to assist with important Pack responsibilities.

Scouts deserve a trained leader. Continue your orientation and training by visiting:

Cub Scout Advancement

The Cub Scout advancement program is an excellent way for you to spend quality time as a family. Some advancement requirements are done at den meetings but most are completed at home. For each special skill or activity completed, you will sign off on those requirements needed to earn the next award. As a result, the awards your Scout earns increase the Scout’s knowledge, skills, self-esteem, and confidence. You can be a part of it by actively participating in the Cub Scout program as a family.

How Much Does Scouting Cost?

$36 — BSA Registration
The annual fee to the national office for youth and leaders. This also includes our Three Fires Council insurance to cover accident and sickness insurance for registered members.

$16 — Pack 99 Dues
The annual fee to subsidize costs incurred by the Pack, including awards, materials and some events provided at no additional charge.

$12 — Boy’s Life monthly full-size magazine
Promotes literacy and advancement. Subscription is optional.

Paying for Fun with Popcorn

Scouting conducts the Popcorn Sale each September and October. Entire Packs, individual dens, and individual Scouts may sell. Scouts can earn awesome prizes, post-high school scholarships, and other great incentives!

Ask your Cubmaster or den leader when your Popcorn Kickoff will be. The sale is simple and very profitable, which makes paying for Scouting easy. We’re excited about your participating in our popcorn fundraiser!

Pack Program Highlights

Some examples of the FUN that happens in Cub Scouting, include:

Pinewood Derby | Scouts participate in the thrill of model car racing! The Pinewood Derby is a parent/Scout project in which they build a race car from a block of wood. Scouts race their cars against one another in the Pack.

Blue and Gold Banquet | This is Cub Scouting’s birthday party intended for all Pack members and their families.

Cub Scout Camping | The Council’s camping department offers several overnight experiences for the Scout and parent or guardian. In addition, overnight summer camping for Webelos is held over four days.

Scouting for Food | The annual food drive to benefit local food banks as part of our “Good Turn” to help the hungry.

Field Trips and Special Outings | These are great ways to learn more about the people and places in your community.

Cub Scouting Day One | Event held each September and October. It’s for new Cub Scouts and offers Scouting activities for you to do as a family.

Haunted Hike & Kiddie Hike | With a Halloween theme, Cub Scouts and parents will experience Halloween fun, with games and snacks. This annual event is held at Camp Big Timber in mid-October. Sign-up with your Pack to attend.

Besides having fun and learning cool stuff, your Scout will make friends in the Pack!


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