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Everything you need to know to get started raising money for your Scout and Pack 99 is right here.

It’s time to sell popcorn to support your 2018-2019 Scouting year!

We’ve got…

New prizes! New incentives! New ways to earn your rank adventures

— all for selling popcorn to your family, friends, and neighbors!

You should have received an order form in the mail. If you need another copy you may print a copy (coming soon) and the Pack has extra copies available, so just let us know. Online selling is available and a great option for you this year, and instructions for getting everything set up are below.

Cool Earnings!

  • Sell at least $2,500 and earn 6% of your total sales every year to be invested in a college scholarship! Once enrolled, this program will follow your popcorn sales every year until you graduate! Fill out the enrollment form to start saving for college today.
  • Earn 5% gift cards on all online sales over $300.
  • Register your online account and sell something for a chance to win a trip to Walt Disney World.
  • All the great prizes listed on your order form!

More incentives from the Pack:

  • GRAND PRIZE drawing at the December Pack meeting: one major item worth a percentage of the Pack’s total sales! Tickets for the drawing are earned during popcorn sales. You must sell at least one item to be eligible for the chance to win.
  • LIKE this Pack’s promo video and COMMENT below to let us know you watched and throw a pie in the Cubmaster’s face at the September Pack meeting.
  • Post a second comment on the Pack’s promo video with your family’s SALES GOAL for popcorn to share how much you plan to earn this year, and earn one chance ticket for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • Create your online fundraising page, and earn one chance ticket for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • For every $100 of popcorn sold, earn one chance ticket for the Grand Prize drawing.
  • Sell $300 and your 2018/2019 dues are covered.
  • Sell $1,000 and receive a special Pinewood Derby design and decoration kit from the Scout Shop.
  • Sell $2,000 and receive a $100 gift certificate to the Scout Shop. 

Important 2018 Dates

  • September 1: Popcorn sale starts!
    Note: you can sell online all year long
  • September 15: Pre-order distribution – Volunteers are needed to help pick up!
  • Sidewalk Sales – (coming soon) check your time slot online
  • November 3: Super Saturday – Units pick up popcorn (popcorn sales end)
  • November 15-16: Final order home delivery dates
  • November 17: Final order distribution
  • December 5: Final payments
  • December 2018: Prize delivery!

For the Parents

OK, parents and adult partners… I know that you know that the Scouts selling popcorn has a lot to do with your effort, too! As a Cub Scout, this is the perfect time to begin developing social skills, confidence, and leadership — but they are still Cub Scouts and need you at their back!

Your Scout’s success selling popcorn this year will not only make your scouting year more fun and memorable, but it will help the Pack ensure we as a team of volunteers will be able to deliver the best program possible.

Check out this video on selling popcorn — from a parents point of view. 

How to Sell Popcorn

Sample Scout Script:
“Hello, my name is _____ and I’m with Pack 99, and I’m earning money for our Pack’s camping and community activities. I have many delicious flavors of popcorn and _____ is my favorite because _____! Can I count on your support to help fund my adventures? (Hand pen and order form to the customer.) 

Sales Tip “A Scout is Courteous” | Be sure to thank everyone, even if they didn’t buy anything!

Sales Tip “A Scout is Thrifty” | Record the contact information of your sales — so you know who to sell to first next year!

Online Selling

This year, you can sell popcorn and military donations to far-away friends and family. There’s no money to handle, items ship directly to your customers, and Scouts can earn 5% in gift cards for every dollar sold!

In addition to the incentives for selling online, you can earn 10% more than selling in person!

How it Works

(1) Register your online page (or log in, if you registered before) at

(2) Fill out your ‘About Me’ section, upload a profile picture, and upload other pictures and videos showing you in Scouting adventures. These will be featured in your online sales page.

(3) Share your personal fundraiser page using the sharing capabilities via email, social, and text message to make spreading your sales announcements easier than pitching a tent.

(4) Watch the orders come in! Use the order tracking feature to see how things are going, and compare your progress with other Scouts in the Pack, District, Council, and across the nation!

The average online sale can be as much as $65, and FREE SHIPPING is included on all orders of at least $90!

The product selection and price available online may be a bit different than what we have in our door-to-door order forms. The online sales are available nationally, and each Council has the choice to feature different items at different prices that work best for the local communities. 

There are two NEW items available only online for us this year… Donut Shop Blend Coffee and Trail Mix!

There are so many ways to sell popcorn to support Pack 99 — so get out there an help us create an adventurous year for scouting!


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