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For our Den Leaders

The Boy Scouts of America publishes a large collection of detailed resources and materials to support our local program. It’s all out there … we just have to grab it and go! 

To jump-start the planning for your Den year, here is a collection of resources to get you through the key preparation steps along with several tips and “how-tos” specific to Pack 99.

And don’t forget — we are all volunteers and are learning together. So, please don’t hesitate to ask the other leaders for advice, recommendations, and help!

Get Started!


Youth Protection Training


Start Your Planning

Below are online resources available for each Den. Please note that the guides are from 2015, which have recently been updated in 2018 to support new program offerings.

Much of the material is the same with a key difference being that fewer requirements are now in place to complete most adventures. The best way to make sure you are covering exactly what you need is to follow along in your scout’s guidebook and looking up the requirements listed for the adventure in Scoutbook, which includes the most recent updates. You only need to complete the requirements listed in Scoutbook for each adventure.


>> Start Here


>> Start Here | Tiger Den Leader Guide (2015) | Addendum (December 2016)



>> Start Here | Wolf Den Leader Guide (2015) | Addendum (December 2016)



>> Start Here | Bear Den Leader Guide (2015) | Addendum (December 2016)



> Start Here | Webelos Den Leader Guide (2015) | Addendum (December 2016)


Webelos | Arrow of Light

Start Here | Webelos Den Leader Guide (2015) | Addendum (December 2016)



(More coming soon — I will list more resources here to become familiar with using Scoutbook as a leader.)

Be a Trained Leader

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