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Spring 2020 Virtual Campout/in

Upload your campout/in images:

Contact the Cubmaster: or 630.520.1842

Did you see the SpaceX+NASA launch of American astronauts to the ISS? 

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2020


3:00 pm – Check-in and Campsite Setup

Log in to the Zoom meeting room (link below) in full uniform by 3 pm. 

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 424 265 1262
Password: 890675

We’ll take roll call and then all scouts can go off to setup your campsite — stake your tent outside or build a pillow fort inside!

Here are some fun ideas for building an indoor fort to “camp in.”

== Indoor/Outdoor Campsite Challenge ==
Create the most elaborate “campsite” and show how you transformed part of your house or your backyard into the great outdoors! Blinking lights? Integrated music system? Digital campfire?

Send me a picture of your site by 3:50 pm, and we’ll share with the Pack during our opening ceremony.


4:00 pm – Opening Ceremony

Log back into the Zoom meeting and we will recite the Scout Oath and Scout Law, then check out our campsites.


4:15 pm – Scavenger Hunt Game

Show your teamwork as a scouting family!

The items to hunt for will be shared in the Zoom meeting. All items must be found in your house or backyard.

Collect all items together and take a photo of your scout and family with your found treasures!

Share the photo of your scavenger adventure on Instagram with hashtag: #ScoutScavengerHunt

Time limit: 40 minutes.

The first family who returns to the Zoom meeting with all the items will WIN a Biplane Woodworking Craft Kit!

All other families who collect all items will receive a special patch!


5:00 pm – A Practical Project

Rejoin the Zoom meeting and I’ll demonstrate how to make a very effective firestarter with your old, broken crayons!

What you’ll need to have available:

  1. paper egg carton
  2. dryer lint
  3. crayons

Instructional video


6:00 pm: Dinner time!

OK, so while we can’t cook over a campfire together, take this time to make dinner together as a family.

But, let’s put in a little twist: make your meal with a secret ingredient of your choice. Pick something very different — maybe even a little odd — and take a picture of your family’s creation while making it together.

Send me your picture by 6:50 pm and I’ll share during our next Zoom gathering.

My recommendation? Hot dogs topped with Goldfish Cracker Crumble.

It’s pretty good, actually!


7:00 pm: Game Time!

We’ll first play a Kahoot challenge together: 

Join at or with the Kahoot! app

with Game PIN: you’ll see it in the Zoom meeting.

Next, we’ll make a Hoopster Paper Airplane! I’ll share an instructional video on how to make one, and then your families can try it out and take some test flights!

What you’ll need:

  1. scissors
  2. ruler
  3. 3×5 file cards – or any stiff paper
  4. clear tape
  5. plastic straws.

Instructional video


8:00 pm: Digital Astronomy Hike

I’ll share through the Zoom meeting a tour through the cosmos using the SkyView app.


9:00 pm: Settle in for the night

Get cozy in your backyard tent or indoor fort and have a great night sleep!


SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2020


8:30 am: Rise & Shine!

Take a picture of your scout emerging from your backyard tend or indoor fort first thing in the morning. Send me your picture by 8:45 am to share during our closing ceremony.


9:00 am: Closing Ceremony

We’ll share our thoughts about our wild Scouting Year, and have a brief ceremony to wrap up our virtual Pack campout!


Want more ideas for scouting at home this summer?
Check out the great resources from Three Fires Council.

To more adventure!

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© 2021 Pack 99 :: Boy Scouts of America
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